Porsche says it won’t create a successor to the 918 Spyder until a technology breakthrough emerges and ensures the new hypercar supersedes the 918 in every aspect.
While speaking with Autocar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche research and development boss Michael Steiner said that the technology doesn’t yet exist for a fitting replacement and new halo vehicle.

“A future super-sports is a matter of technology. If we were to do it now, it would be a hybrid. But we have already done that with the 918,” he said.

Steiner indicated that a future hypercar from Porsche would most likely head down the all-electric road but pointed out a number of downsides with electric powertrains preventing the automaker from pulling the trigger on such a car. He said that the life of a battery could be cut dramatically short when used in a high-performance car. Furthermore, the weight of batteries is still a concern, particularly for lap times.

It took the automaker nine years to replace the Carrera GT with the 918 Spyder and Steiner believes that the gap between the 918 and a successor “might be even longer.”