There are a plethora of new SUVs and crossovers being developed by Volkswagen but it’s appeared as if North America would miss out on all of them. Fear not, VW is working on something special for the U.S.
Volkswagen director of development, Dr. Frank Welsch, has revealed to Autoblog at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the U.S. will be the recipient of a compact crossover slotting beneath the Touareg, Atlas and latest Tiguan.

“We are checking the feasibility of a car which is right between T-Roc and Tiguan, and this could be interesting for America.

“In the U.S., you have Tiguan long wheelbase, and the other [new] one is close to what we have here in Europe as the Tiguan SWB. It's a little bit smaller than that, about the size of the old Tiguan, but new and it's off the MQB. This is the idea behind it. In China, we will have this car next year, and we are thinking whether this could be a good idea for America and Russia,” Welsch said.

The vehicle Welsch is talking about isn’t the all-electric I.D. Crozz nor the Golf-based T-Roc. It isn’t even the Polo-based T-Cross as that will be sold in South America. Instead, it will be an all-new vehicle which the carmaker has kept close to its chest.

As Welsch mentioned, it’ll be based on the MQB platform and initially be launched in China in both petrol-powered and plug-in hybrid forms. It could be similar in size to the first-generation Tiguan Limited.